Crete - Elounda
Charming Seaside Village

Elounda is the perfect place for those looking for a seaside holiday to enjoy the coastline known as the Mirabello bay with its beautiful quiet beaches, crystal clear waters.  Like other towns in Crete, many civilizations like the Minoan, Romans, and Byzantines have also left their marks at Elounda. Come and experience the magic of the Mediterranean of the Eastern part of Crete at Elounda. Whatever your desires are Asimina Tours offers a variety of activities to inspire you as you plan your dream vacation from Crete.

Crete - Elounda
Trip Ideas

Elounda is made up of seven villages and an uninhabited island area of Spinalonga, and the peninsula of Kolokitha ("pumpkin"). Elounda is a famous tourist attraction, heavily visited by important people like celebrities and dignitaries for its seaside luxury resorts.

Just like the other cities in Crete, Elounda was also inhabited by many civilizations which all left a mark on the culture and shaped its environment.

Elounda has two of the most important archeological sites of Cretan history: the relics of the ancient sunken city of Olous and the Venetian fortress on the island of Spinalonga. From 500 to 200BC, Olous was one of the most powerful trading centers in Crete, with a population of 40,000, its own king and its own currency. Now, the ruins remain beneath the clear waters of the Spinalonga peninsula. 

The best time to visit Elounda:  April to October


The Island Crete - Elounda Area

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